Khmer food is great tasting.  Many Khmers like meats such as beef, frog, pork, duck, and various meates. There are many types of foods,vegetables. English Food

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Khmer Food Ingredients

Kroeung is the base flavor of many Khmer dishes, often being dubbed with the "Kroeung" suffix. similar in form and function to Thai curry pastes. There are many ingredients that can be pounded into the herb paste, but the eight most commonly used are Lemon grass, Kaffir lime zest and leaves, Galangal, Turmeric, Rhizome, Garlic, Shallots, and Dried Red Chillies. This herbal paste is essential in order to create the authentic flavour for preparing Khmer dishes.

Tirk Krueng, vegetable platter with prahok kroeung dipping paste.

Kroeung has two main categories: Individual Kroeung and Royal Kroeung. Individual Kroeung are unique dishes which may call for extra ingredients to be blended in. Royal Kroeung on the other hand includes additional herbs, such as kaffir lime leaves. Kroeung can be further distinguished by the dishes' colors, which are yellow, green and red. The Color Kroeung are commonly used to make stuffings, soup, and stir-fry.

Individual Kroueng

Kroeung that are pounded for specific single dishes or have only one unique use falls into this category. Individual Kroeung also consists of extra ingredients not found in its base recipe. Somlar Kako, for example, requires roasted ground rice for the smoky flavor of the soup. The Kroeung in Amok is considered an Individual Kroeung since it uses the red kroeung base but omits Turmeric in place of Kaffir lime leaves. It is also worth noting that many Kroeung recipes, specifically for curries, requires whole spices to be grounded with the herb paste. Curry powder can also be used in place of the whole spices. These types of Kroeung are also considered as Individual Kroeung because many of these curries are exclusively used in the respective curry for which it is specifically made.











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