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Thailand's lucky PM risks 'unsustainable rule'

Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra celebrates her first year in power after a landslide victory last election. She has a lot to celebrate - this woman with no previous political experience led the Pheu Thai party to a big election win. And while Yingluck's administration has a strong mandate to continue in office, opponents say that by moving too fast, she risks making her hard-fought changes only temporary. Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay reports from Bangkok.

Portuguese youth turn to farm work

Who's Comments= "In Portugal, jobs are in such short supply that some young people have turned to farm work."... Oh no, what is the world coming to when people who didn't have jobs now have jobs?!

this isnt exactly the same as working as a seasonal labouror for minimum wage like foreign workers that are brought in, he comes from a rich family and taking advantage of it to start a business.

que pais tan hermoso portugal , la gente va a tener que regresar al campo es duro pero no pasas sentado todo el dia al frente de un escritorio.

Eh? Farming is solid work and is an especially profitable business in the EU because of farming subsidies. Yes, the idea of farming in an urbanized world no doubt seems very "old-fashioned" to some but it's certainly not a "last resort" by any means.

This is what happens when everything becomes centered around money and everyone worried about money, instead of focusing on securing the livelihood of the people and a vision for society.

I am planning to do the same Gods-willing , this guy is one of the lucky few , screw the big cities and their chaos ...there is nothing better than the country side you are right , money destroys everything , especially when iy is usury money , the Illuminati want to put a price tag on everything including on people on countries etc....



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