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River Cruising: Europe

On Sep 18, 2012

See castles and scenic wonders along the Rhine, Danube—or both. Discover the gifts of Europe's lesser-known rivers, like the Moselle, the Elbe and the Douroin Portugal. Or, sojourn in northern or southern France.



UK floats harpoon solution to 'space junk'

On Apr 21, 2013

Experts from across the globe are meeting in Germany to discuss how to deal with the threat of space junk.
After decades of space exploration there is estimated to be 6,000 tonnes of the material.
The clutter includes disused satellites, old spacecraft and even flecks of paint.
The experts say the growing amount of debris in orbit around the Earth is putting global communications at risk and could have disastrous consequences.
One team of British scientists say they have found a way to clean it up. The solution involves firing a harpoon at the debris to capture it, then towing it to where it can burn up in the atmosphere.
Reports from Stevenage, UK.



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