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Stacey Dooley - Coming here soon - Ireland, Lost and Leaving Episode 2 of 3

On Nov 15, 2013

In this second episode, Stacey heads to Ireland to see how they are coping several years after the country almost went bust.
When Stacey arrives in Dublin's Temple Bar the party is in full swing, but it's not long before she discovers that below the surface tensions are high when she stumbles across a group of young protesters angered by the mess they have inherited. When the police move in a dramatic scene unfolds.
On the next leg of her investigation, Stacey explores the country's infamous property boom and discovers its dangerous and devastating consequences. She meets a group of young, first-time buyers whose dream homes turned out to be anything but, and is shocked to hear that they now face homelessness and bankruptcy.
For the final leg of her journey, Stacey spends time with a girl in her twenties who is preparing to move to the other side of the world simply to find work. Since the recession hit, emigration figures have rocketed in Ireland and now almost 1,000 people a week are checking out. Is Ireland at risk of losing an entire generation? And if things don't improve at home is this a trend we could see coming to Britain soon?

Stacey Dooley - Coming here soon - Fall of the Rising Sun, Japan Episode 3 of 3

On Nov 15, 2013

Stacey heads to Japan, which has experienced two decades of an economic slump. She finds out what this means for young people by entering a hidden world to reveal a new type of homelessness, with many young people having resorted to living in internet cafes.
In a country where a third of the workforce is now trapped in part-time insecure jobs, the struggle to find secure work now consumes many. Stacey goes to an extraordinary job-hunting school that trains people how to become the perfect applicant. She learns how everything - from haircut to smile - can now mean the difference between getting a job or not. The lengths her generation has to go to find the work they want shocks her.
Even those with jobs haven't escaped the effects of this slump. Stacey meets workers now doing the work of those made redundant. She hears stories of 15-hour days and of people who have been literally worked to death. Relationships have been affected too. She learns that many men don't want to get married because they don't think they can afford to raise a family, and she joins a woman absorbed in the one of the latest youth crazes to hit Japan - marriage hunting. Stacey sees the saddest impact Japan's decline has had by visiting a forest famous for suicides.
The film ends with Stacey finding encouraging signs that some young people are starting to learn how to live in Japan today, meeting a group of young part-time workers who have come up with a novel way of thriving during the bad times.
Stacey Dooley - Coming here soon - Ireland, Lost and Leaving Episode of 3 .




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