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UN chief makes plea on global arms treaty

The UN is set to begin negotiations on the first ever global Arms Trade Treaty. There are no internationally agreed standards for the sale of conventional weapons like rifles or handguns.

And supporters say a treaty would help stem the violence in conflicts across the globe.

Al Jazeera

(Comments) 1Aren't these guns traded underground anyway? NWO run UN would love a global arms treaty! That would be progress as far as gaining control. Then, they'd continue selling them underground to particular groups and have a reason to attack and take control of the same groups. Isn't that the usual strategy?

2 well go ahead, ban fire... see how that works for you. you are not thinking it through most of the killers have no access to small arms! and when you run out of ammo, the gun is a metal stick. in rawanda, hundreds of thousands died by machete for 16 days at a rate of 21 a second! if you cant accept reality, im waisting my time and yours. good bye.

 3 ive seen what africans do, give them a spear and 10 000 of them will form a barrier and incircle every endangered animal and white farmer within the 50km radius. don't give me the pitty the poor african exuse to take the worlds weapons while you controll the largest millatary force on it! U.N :P

 4 I trust a site that aggregates data. Data, by its nature, endeavors to be objective. Nationmaster is a statistical website with no partisan agenda. So yeah, I trust them.

Look, I understand that you are passionate about violence and deaths caused by machete. I agree that they are horrific and shouldn't be ignored. But the point that I have been making is that they are NOT the main cause of violence and death in these nation-states.

 5 Looking at it objectively, I have a greater chance of putting distance between me and a machete, compared to a gun which can fire bullets from a farther range.

By the way, from the links you had provided, machetes weren't the primary cause of violence and death. In fact, in many of those cases, mobs used fire against unarmed people to kill and terrorize them. So wouldn't fire technically be worse than machetes?

 6 you sure like that site eh? you dont think it takes multiple sources to form an educated opinion? i also looked that up on the same site, with the same result, which leads me to question all stats they offer. its no secret what destruction machetes have caused in africa, a bloody and brutal shame. but it will coninue unabaited with the blind eyes being cast in the frenzy to grab guns. thats on you now. how does that feel? you would over look that suffering? sick, just sick.

7 the reason machetes are worse than aks is simple, only %6 (1 in 17)of africans have access to small arms, where as machetes are widely availible, and used as a means of terror, almost exclusively against UNARMED people, while small arms are used in armed conflicts, which accounts for the lions share of your stats. i would rather be shot than hacked up if i had to choose. how about you?



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