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Kroeung Preparation Method

There are many ingredients that require advanced preparation prior to pounding the herbs and spices to make this specific Kroeung.

* Soak, deseed, and drain the excess water from the chilli pod and dried red pepper.

* Thinly slice the lemongrass stalks and dice the fresh galangal. If using fresh or brine-soaked turmeric, dice this as well.

* If using Kaffir lime zest, slice into thin strips. If using the Kaffir lime leaves, devein and chop thinly. Slice the garlic and shallot thinly.

The result of freshly pounded spices, Red Kroeung.

1. In a stone mortar, finely pound the kaffir lime leaves or zest till a smooth consistency is reached. Add the soaked chilli pod and red peppers till the paste becomes bright red in color.

2. Add the chopped lemongrass stalks and cubed galangal and pound with the pestle until all ingredients are incorporated. If using fresh turmeric, add it to stone mortar as well. The texture should feel fibery but moist.

3.Next add the garlic and shallots till the entire mixture is blood-red in color and the texture feels somewhat pliable.

4. Lastly fold the turmeric into the kroeung if using the powdered form.






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